Commissioned Artwork

"Charlie Brown", military macaw, commissioned by Russell Holster, Gig Harbor, WA.

Client Comment:
I commissioned Kevin to do a portrait of my military macaw, Charlie Brown, and could not be happier with the result. The painting captures Charlie's coloration, body posture and facial expression quite accurately. I love the look in his eye in this painting. I get that same look almost everyday, as Charlie checks to see if I'm noticing what trouble he is getting into. Not shown here is Kevin's beautiful framing... almost as impressive as the painting itself, including a cut-out in the matting showcasing one of Charlie's actual gorgeous maroon and blue tail feathers. Everyone who has seen the piece just loves it. I highly recommend Kevin as a dedicated and capable artist for those who would like a portrait of their pet. I think having an original painting of your pet is one of the best ways to honor and celebrate the joy they bring to your life.
-- Russ Holster, Gig Harbor, Washington

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